BeerFest 2017 Registration


All Exhibitors Will Receive

  • Five exhibitor badges (additional badges may be obtained with the permission of the BeerFest organizers)
  • Five complimentary admission tickets by contacting Edmonton’s International Beerfest coordinators
  • One 8’ table
  • Two bags for collecting BeerFest tickets
  • Two bag tags to label your ticket bags legibly and clearly
  • Two twenty pound bags of ice
  • Passes to welcome and after show party


Booths are allocated on a first come first serve basis, ONLY full payment holds your space. Failure to meet the contract payment deadline can result in a loss of booking. Due to demand, it is recommended that you act early to avoid disappointment.
  1. Submit your this Booth Registration Contract form including alternate booth choices
  2. Upon receipt of your registration, space will be reserved.
  3. Booth payment deadline date is Jan 9 2017
  4. Contact details changed to Reed Clarke at 780.886.4521 or email

Call Reed Clark at 780-886-4521, or email if you have any questions. Make sure to act soon to ensure your exhibitor space.

Contact Information

Company Name (will be printed in the Show Guide):


City:  Province:  

Postal Code:  

Contact Person:  

Phone:  Email:

Please provide a brief list of your products/services:   

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Booth Types

Enter the number of each type of booth you require:

A. Beer/Beverage Booth – 10′ x 10′ Booth (100 sq ft area) $550 + GST ($27.50)    
– Additional Beer/Beverage Booth (100 sq ft area) $450 + GST ($22.50)

B. Merchadise – 10′ x 10′ Booth (100 sq ft area) $550 + GST ($27.50)  
– Additional Merchandise Booth (100 sq ft area) $450 + GST ($22.50)

C. Concessions – 10′ x 10′ Booth (100 sq ft area) $550 + GST ($27.50)  
– Additional Concession Booth (100 sq ft area) $450 + GST ($22.50)

Booth Location Preference:




Payment Information

We will not be processing payment until January 2017. If you choose not to provide your credit card information now, you will be required to contact us with the details in January 2017 to complete your deposit.


Card Number:  

Expiration Date:  

Name on Card:  

Terms and Conditions

To book a booth, the exhibitor must submit both a signed registration form and deposit. Any cancellation of space must be done in writing and received at the Loud City office at least 5 weeks prior to the show dates. In the event such cancellation is received by the Loud City office 5 weeks prior to the show, the full deposit will be refunded, less a $100.00 service and handling fee. Notice of cancellation received less than 5 weeks prior to the show dates shall result in the Loud City office retaining all funds advanced by the participating exhibitor. The Loud City office reserves the right to re-rent the cancelled space involved.
All outstanding balances owed for display rental areas are due and payable 5 weeks prior to event dates. There will be no exceptions. The Loud City office reserves the right to re-rent the space involved on any booths with balances outstanding.
All equipment and goods of any kind brought onto the premises by the Exhibitor before, during, or after the Loud City event shall be at the Exhibitor’s own risk absolutely. The Show Management, Facility Management, and their Employees or Agents shall be protected and indemnified from all actions and claims made by or on account of loss or damage to property or injury or death resulting from the event or the occupancy of space allotted in this agreement.

By digitally signing this document, I accept the terms above as well as the Policies & Regulations

I Agree to the Terms and Conditions


Policies and Regulations

  1. Absolutely no over-serving of alcohol will be tolerated.
  2. No cash transactions for alcohol are permitted between exhibitors and festival guests.
  3. Free sampling is not permitted.
  4. Serving prior to and or after festival hours of operation will not be permitted.
  5. With the exception of exhibitor beer and wine bottles, which must be served in plastic sampling cups by the exhibitor, no glassware is allowed anywhere onsite. The festival organizers will provide the official festival beer sampling cups.
  6. Exhibitors may not share exhibitor space without the consent of the organizers.
  7. Exhibitors are not permitted to sample alcoholic beverages while working.
  8. Only approved food vendors may provide or serve food.
  9. A minimum of one staff member must be present in each booth at all time.
  10. All exhibitors must maintain their booths in a respectable order.
  11. Exhibitor’s booths must be fully operational throughout all posted hours of the festival.
  12. Exhibitors must adhere to the posted load in and set up times.
  13. Exhibitors requiring additional time need the consent of the BeerFest organizers.
  14. Cash out will take place on the last day of the event 15 minutes after the festival doors have closed. Exhibitors must be present during cash out in order to confirm the amount of samples sold. Failure to adhere to the above policy will result in loss of exhibitor privileges without a refund.

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