Happy Beer Street

Happy Beer Street in Edmonton is home to a diverse range of breweries, each contributing to the vibrant local beer culture. Here are the featured breweries:

  1. Ale Architect: Known for innovative and creative brews.
  2. Alley Kat Brewing Co.: One of Edmonton’s oldest and most beloved breweries, offering a wide variety of beers.
  3. Bent Stick Brewing: A nano-brewery focused on small-batch, handcrafted beers.
  4. Blind Enthusiasm: Offers unique and high-quality beers with a focus on innovation.
  5. Longroof Brewing: A newer brewery adding fresh perspectives to the local scene.
  6. The Monolith: Specializes in barrel-aged and mixed fermentation beers.
  7. Odd Company Brewing: Known for experimental and unconventional brews.
  8. Sea Change Brewing Co.: Popular for its community-driven approach and variety of craft beers.

Happy Beer Street, located along 99th Street, south of Whyte Avenue, offers beer enthusiasts a unique and diverse experience with its rich selection of local breweries. For more information, visit their website.