With football season approaching, you all know what that means: lots of parties and get togethers and the guys enjoying an ice cold brewski. In a recent article it discussed how beer can be such a great pairing with different varieties of food. What types of lager taste best with certain types of foods? Well, here’s your answers so you can plan your football bashes accordingly.
The first food to pair beer with is the inevitable sandwiches/ pizza combo. Any type will go with these types of foods as they just so happen to taste great with cheese. When it comes to pairing with sushi, always go for a 100% malt, as this is what will taste best with raw fish. As for chicken, pasta and seafood, light beer always goes best. Whichever lager you choose, it’s good to have guidelines to point you in the right direction of which type will go best.

When you pair a lager with snacks or meals, you want it to taste great with the food you are serving. You can pair the right type of beverage to your meal to ensure your guests are happiest and enjoying heir meal or snacks. Just like wine, lagers of all kinds have matching pairs as well!