Rossdale Brewery

The Rossdale Brewery:

The Rossdale Brewery Building is a prominent 3½-storey red brick structure, featuring distinctive cupola elements on its roof. Nestled within the scenic river valley in Rossdale, it is now situated in a park setting south of 97 Avenue. The building’s simple design and period windows showcase typical industrial architecture from its era.

Heritage Value

The Rossdale Brewery Building is the oldest standing brewery in Edmonton and the oldest unaltered brewery in Alberta. Constructed in 1905 by W.H. Shepard, the owner of the Strathcona Hotel, it was established during a thriving period for the brewing industry in Alberta. Initially operating as the Edmonton Brewery and Malting Company, the business thrived and relocated to larger facilities in 1913. Eventually, it became part of the Sick brewing empire.

While two earlier breweries exist in Alberta—the Cross Brewery (1892) in Calgary and the Lethbridge Brewery (1901)—both have undergone significant alterations or partial demolition. Therefore, the Rossdale Brewery stands as the oldest unaltered industrial brewery structure in the province. Its architectural design reflects the utilitarian industrial style common before World War I, a style now rare.

The historical significance of the Rossdale Brewery Building lies in its role as Edmonton’s first major brewery, serving a substantial portion of north-central Alberta until the construction of a new facility on 121 Street and 104 Avenue in 1913.


9843 – 100 Street NW