17 Sep 2014

The Wit And Wisdom Of Beer Mats

In a way, beer mats are the unsung heroes of the beer world. They’re not something that people think too much about, which is a real pity, because if you stop to take a look at them, you’ll find some true gems. Some beer mats are simple advertisements; those typically aren’t all that interesting, but […]
10 Sep 2014

The Importance Of Serving Beer At The Right Temperature

If you want to get the most out of each beer you drink, then you’ve got to find its sweet spot; the temperature at which you find the beer to be its most flavorful and robust. The first rule is to forget what the brewers tell you is the best serving temperature for your favorite […]
3 Sep 2014

Ten Truly Strange Beer Ingredients

Everybody has their go-to favorites when it comes to beer, but if you’re in the mood for a little something different, then here are ten brews made with unusual ingredients that will have everyone around you raising a curious eyebrow when you place your order. Oyster Stout Brought to you by 21st Amendment Brewery, this […]
27 Aug 2014

Draft Or Bottled – The Battle Of The Giants

Which is the best way to dispense beer – draft or bottled? Ask two different beer lovers, and you’ll probably get two different answers. Some prefer draft brews, while others swear by the bottle. Most serious drinkers prefer draft beer, which tastes and feels more like a “living” substance, has more complexity and layers of […]
20 Aug 2014

Five Great Gifts For The Beer Lover In Your Life

If you’ve got a beer lover in your life, why not get something for him on his birthday or for Christmas this year that really speaks to his passion? Below, you’ll find five exquisite gift ideas for your beer loving family and friends. A little something for every taste and budget. Bottle Opener Let’s start […]
13 Aug 2014

The Five Best Beers For Barbecue

It’s time to dust off the grill and break out the tongs again, barbecue season is here! In celebration, here’s a hand selected list of some of the finest brews ever to be paired with outdoor cooking. Drink up, read on, and enjoy. Full Sail Session Black A dark beer that’s surprisingly light. Toasty malts […]
6 Aug 2014

Where To Stay When You Visit The Edmonton International Beer Festival

As we count down the months until Beer Fest time again a question that might be on your mind is where to stay when you come for next years show. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a selection of hotels for every budget. Find the one that’s right for you from the […]
30 Jul 2014

Which Glass For Which Brew?

It might surprise the casual beer drinker to know it, but there are actually a rather staggering number of different types of beer glasses, each designed with a particular style of beer in mind. For the uninitiated, here are some of the more common ones, and ideas about which beers should go in what glass. […]
23 Jul 2014

Women Brew Masters Rising To The Top

To the casual observer, it may appear that the world of beer is one of the last bastions of male dominated industry. The reality, however, is quite different. Women are not only making great strides in terms of entering the business, they’re also rising to the top. Here are a few women to keep an […]
16 Jul 2014

Six Very Unusual Beers From Around The World

Looking for something new and unusual to treat your taste buds to this summer? If so, then you’re in luck! Below you’ll find six of the most unusual beers I could find, and believe me, I ventured into some fairly dark corners of the web to pull these out. Most of these aren’t for the […]