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19 Nov 2014

How to throw a Beer-tastic Party!

There are many different ways to host an amazing beer party, but there are a few things that you should always keep in mind while planning one. There will be two key ingredients to every party these are: the beer and the people. You will want to take your time with the first one. There […]
14 Nov 2014

Beerfest 2015 IS HERE!!

It’s that time of year again BEERFEST 2015 is HERE. Edmononton’s Best Show Ever is BACK for all beer lovers to celebrate their appreciation of beer from ALL over the WORLD. We are expecting recording breaking crowds and of course GREAT Beer Tasting. Get your tickets NOW! Beerfest March 6-7, 2015 Get them before they […]
12 Nov 2014

Top 5 Most Expensive Beers

While most people will only spend a few dollars to enjoy their favorite beer, they would be surprised when told that some beer lovers spend more than $400 dollars on a single bottle of beer. These high end beers are not for the average drinker and most are produced in a limited number. Some of […]
5 Nov 2014

Beer Related Gift Ideas for Christmas

When it comes to getting ideas for Christmas gifts for people, it can be a challenge. The important thing is to find something they like and think along those lines. Today we will be reviewing some ideas for people who love beer. Most of the people we know love beer and these ideas can be […]
29 Oct 2014

Why Does Beer Have A Head?

Beer enthusiasts love a generous, foamy head on their drink of choice. Not too much, lest it detract from the beer itself, but it’s got to be there, absolutely. How though, is the beer’s head formed? And why? Read on to find the intriguing facts about foam. The Science Behind The Foam The head of […]
22 Oct 2014

What Makes A Great Bartender?

A great bartender can make the difference between an average night out and a fantastic one. You might not think so, but a bartender at the top of his (or her!) game can really enhance your night out. Here are the qualities to look for. Attentive, But Not Too Attentive You don’t want a bartender […]
15 Oct 2014

The World’s Greatest Beer Museum

There are a number of fantastic beer museums scattered around the globe. If you’re a beer aficionado and have never visited any of them, then you owe it to yourself to do so. Below, we’ll outline three of the best, from third place to first and tell you why they’re worth the trip! Sapporo Beer […]
8 Oct 2014

The Three Best Traditional Pub Games

What would a pub be without pub games? Games are very much a part of pub culture and the whole experience, and over the centuries a number of classics have been developed. You may not find all of these at every pub, but if you make the rounds, you’ll see them on display and actively […]
1 Oct 2014

Beer Bottle Traditions

Cans or bottles? It’s the age old question, and the debate rages hotly to this day. Most discerning beer drinkers will tell you that of the two, they prefer bottles, but cans are nearly as popular. There are pros and cons for both, and we’ll take a look at each just below. The Argument In […]
24 Sep 2014

Which Are The Top Five Beer Making Countries?

There are some things we just know. Russia is famous for Vodka; it’s their “thing.” France is likewise famous for its wine, and more specifically for its champagne, but what about beer? If you had to list the top five beer making nations on the planet, what would such a list look like? Below, you’ll […]