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16 Jul 2014

Six Very Unusual Beers From Around The World

Looking for something new and unusual to treat your taste buds to this summer? If so, then you’re in luck! Below you’ll find six of the most unusual beers I could find, and believe me, I ventured into some fairly dark corners of the web to pull these out. Most of these aren’t for the […]
9 Jul 2014

Future Trends In Beer – The Exciting New Tastes Just Around The Corner

The market for beer is going through a remarkable period of transition right now. All across Europe, the consumption of beer is in decline. It’s barely growing in America. The good news though, is that in several parts of the world where there are booming, developing economies, people are seeing an increase in discretionary income, […]
2 Jul 2014

Six Refreshing Beers For Outdoor Drinking This Summer

Now that the summertime heat is finally here we have some great tips to help you cool off with a cold one! If you’re looking for a refreshing beer to drink during those long, lazy summer afternoons that won’t sit heavily on your stomach, listen up. Below are some of the best tasting summertime brews […]
25 Jun 2014

Six Sophisticated Beers To Match With Fine Summer Dining

For decades, fine dining establishments have been recommending various wines to go with meals. Recently though, in the UK, restaurants have begun recommend beers to go with their food offerings, and it is a trend that’s catching on in North America as well. Next time you’re having a dinner party and want the perfect beer […]
18 Jun 2014

Check out BeerFest 2014′s Award Winners!

We have announced the Award Winners for this years show! 2014 was our best International BeerFest yet and we want to thank everyone who attended and all our exhibitors who made it possible. We had some incredible feedback from our show and we know that everyone who played a part in it did a fantastic […]
11 Jun 2014

The Top Ten Weirdest Beer Names In The World

Sometimes, it’s fun to take the plunge into the unknown by trying a beer just for its strange, quirky name. Microbrewers are especially good at coming up with catchy, or sometimes downright bizarre names for their creations. Don’t pass any of these by simply because they sound funny or have an unusual name. If you […]
2 Jun 2014

Our 2014 BeerFest Gallery is Up!

We had such an amazing time at the show this year and we are happy to have the pictures to prove it! Take a look at our BeerFest 2014 gallery on our website here: BeerFest 2014 Gallery And on Facebook here: BeerFest 2014 Facebook Gallery Be sure to tag yourself and anyone you know! We […]
14 May 2014

BeerFest Wins a Golden Fork Award

A lot of hard work and effort go into an event like Edmonton’s International BeerFest and we love hearing feedback from our attendees and our exhibitors. Something even better than positive feedback though is recognition for a job well done by all. With that being said, we are happy to announce that we have been […]
11 Apr 2014

BeerFest 2014 a Huge Success

Thanks to everyone who participated, staffed, served and attended this year’s International BeerFest was another raging success! We would like to take a moment to thank: All of our sponsors! Liquor Depot  http://liquorstoresgp.ca/ Boonstock  http://boonstock.ca/ ESSC  http://www.edmontonsportsclub.com/ TravelGurus http://www.travelgurus.ca/ North Sask River Keeper  http://www.saskriverkeeper.ca/ Our musical performers! The Dryland Band The Orchard Mitchmatic The Electric Religious […]
4 Apr 2014

BeerFest is Here! Limited Tickets Available at the Door!

Well Beer lovers the day you have been waiting for is finally here. Today is the first day of this years BeerFest and we are expecting record crowds and an incredible evening of Beer tasting, BeerSchool and musical performances Also we want to let everyone know that even though tickets for today are no longer […]