5 Mar 2015

Edmonton’s International Beerfest celebrates 10th Anniversary

For the 10th year, the Edmonton International Beer Fest is returning, and like previous years, it’s bigger and better than ever. This year, the event plays host to eight live bands, three beer instructors, and an estimated 25,000 attendees, something Sean Farmers, the owner and organizer of the event said seems like a far leap […]
4 Mar 2015

5 Reasons Beer is Good for You!

1. Beer drinkers live longer Moderate drinking is good for you, and beer is good for moderate drinking. Everyone knows that if you drink too much, it’s not good for you. Let’s not pull punches: If you’re a drunk, you run into things, you drive into things, you get esophagealcancer, you get cirrhosis and other […]
25 Feb 2015

Researchers: Beer Makes Men Smarter

Beer makes men smarter. So say researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago. They found that men with a couple beers under their belts were actually better at solving brain-teasers than their sober counterparts. To reach that surprising conclusion, the researchers devised a bar game in which 40 men were given three words and […]
18 Feb 2015

11 Misconceptions About Beer

If beer only conjures up images of frat boys pounding cans of the cheap stuff or doughy sports fans reveling in the alcoholic refreshment before, during, and after a big game, think again. Beer has come a long way, baby, and many of the preconceived notions about the beverage are decidedly unfair, as evidenced by […]
11 Feb 2015

Top 10 Beers to taste at any Beer Festival

The thought of one person walking around the grounds of beer festivals for a couple of days and objectively telling you what the “top” or “best” beers are is blatantly absurd. There are hundreds of beers to sample through, and the fact that everyone’s tastes are distinct makes it even more difficult to come up […]
5 Feb 2015

Get your Tickets Now!! Edmonton Beerfest 2015!!

  Get Your Tickets Today!         Get Your Tickets Today! March 06-07, 2015    
4 Feb 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Edmonton’s Beer Festival 2015

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit a beer festival? There is something very unique about it that makes it an enjoyable experience. Even if you are not a beer lover you should try a festival out, as it will change your opinion of them. There are endless amounts of reasons to go, today […]
3 Feb 2015

Beer Fest 2015: Musical Line Up!!

Each year we aim to have the highest level of entertainment. This year is no different! Check out our amazing musical line up for Beer Fest 2015, March 06- 07 at Shaw Conference Centre.   Lyra Brown   Born and raised in Edmonton, Lyra Brown’s innate ability for writing stories, poems and lyrics began at […]
28 Jan 2015

Spicy Beer is Good

Even though I’ve never chased a sip of creamy beer with a a few squirts of cock sauce, I know Sriracha is going to make it better. Hot sauce makes everything better. Just to make sure, though, I poured myself a glass of Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer. Not that beer needs improving, mind you, […]
21 Jan 2015

Beer Fest 2015: Beer School Teacher Patrick McMurray

Every year we run our famous Beer School and always want to make it an unforgettable experience for our  beer lovers. This year is no different and we will be unveiling more great news as we get closer to the event. Edmonton’s International Beer Fest and Liquor Depot are very happy to announce Patrick McMurray as […]