24 Aug 2016

Molson Giving Back to Their Loyal Customers during Olympics

There are times throughout the day that a person really deserves a beer, and Canada has made that a lot easier for Canadians. Last year the beer company, Molson launched a commercial about having basically a container on the sidewalk, that you can just open a grab a nice cold one. Just recently, the commercial […]
17 Aug 2016

Best Craft Beers to Date

Craft beers have established themselves in a large way, they are beers made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery. These drinks have a tendency to have more love put into them because they are made by small breweries rather than huge manufacturing plants. With breweries establishing themselves more, there have been […]
10 Aug 2016

Pick Your Poison

If you are like me then you have trouble deciding between a mixed drink and a beer. Well look no further because the beer cocktail may be just what the doctor ordered. This combination mixes beer with liquor to make a smooth but potent punch. Some of the most popular choices are the Brass Monkey, […]
3 Aug 2016

New Launch from Old Yale: Old Paddle Pilsner

A local brewery of Chilliwack River Valley, British Columbia has launched a new brew. The company, Old Yale Brewing is known for their quality beer that captures the outdoor vibes of BC. It was founded in 1999, and has been working since to come up with innovative new beers that have a local flavor. Old […]
27 Jul 2016

Time To Sit Back and Enjoy a Gluten-Free Beer

Let’s all talk for a second about the hot diet trend that has been hitting the streets lately. Gluten-free! Everyone want’s that little green “gluten-free” label written on the food products in which they purchase. But what if a person is a beer lover? Unfortunately, there is no such product as gluten-free drink based solely […]
20 Jul 2016

Your Beer Needs these 5 Ingredients ASAP: A Summer Guide to some Delicious Treats

It’s summer time. Do you know what that means? It means drinking some beer! I know some of you are going to be all over this concept. Wait. Allow us to introduce you to some delicious treats that you can add to your beer. Now, some of these might appear to be a bit odd […]
13 Jul 2016

The Top Beer and Pizza Pairings You’ll Love

Here’s a challenge! Ask a guy what his favorite dinner combination is. If they are like most you’ll hear beer and pizza, repeatedly. With so many different flavors of beer out there, it is no wonder why there’s a type to go with any style of pizza out there. So how can you find out […]
6 Jul 2016

Pre-Order Beer With The Beer Store’s Beer Xpress App

Beer is now available for pre-order with the Beer Store’s new Beer Xpress service, accessible through the company’s Beer Store mobile app. The application is freely available for iPhone and Android devices. The Beer Xpress service also extends to desktop devices, allowing for pre-orders to be be made from a PC. The service works by […]
22 Jun 2016

The Sour Craze

While we are living in the days of a love for IPA craft beers, a new type of beer has stepped into the game. Sour beer offers a variety of tangy tasting notes that can appeal to beer lovers, as well as wine and cider drinkers. While offering a craft beer to someone who does […]
15 Jun 2016

Beer is Good for Your Heart – in Moderation

Numerous research studies have concluded drinking moderate amounts of beer each day can be good for your health in more than one way. One of the benefits appears to be a reduction in heart attacks. The most recent study, done by the IRCCS Mediterranean Neurological Institute and published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular […]