30 Nov 2016

Get In The Star Wars Spirit With A Themed Beer

December is when thousands of fans will flock to movie theaters around the globe. That’s because the latest installment in Star Wars comes out. The film is already seeing success when it comes to pre-ticket sales. While many people are waiting patiently, they are wondering what they can do in the meantime to pass the […]
23 Nov 2016

5 of the Oldest Breweries Worldwide

For brewery fans, we are offering a list of 5 of the oldest breweries in the world. These aren’t in order of when they were built, but simply a few of our favorites. St. James Gate In 1759, St. James Gate was founded in Dublin, Ireland. This is exactly where Guinness hails from, providing millions […]
16 Nov 2016

Why Beer That Contains Hops May Be Better for Your Liver

Although many people drink beer these days, it is now believed that this type of drink which also contains hops may be better for you than other types of alcohol. Why, you may ask? Hops are small hoppy flowers that are used to create a unique taste and a lot of zest and savor. These […]
9 Nov 2016

Rare and Beautiful Beer Bottles

Beer bottles. A subject that has had graphic designer Harvey Shepard fascinated since early childhood, and has inspired him to accumulate quite a collection over the years. The start of his lifelong obsession began on a trip to the grocery store, where he saw a Coors bottle in the shape of a baseball bat. Completely […]
26 Oct 2016

Neuroscientist Developing Hangover-Free Synthetic Beer

David Nutt, a neuro-scientist from Great Britain, is introducing alcosynth, a synthetic beverage which he says is 100 times safer than alcohol. His product promises to give users the experience of drinking beer without having to suffer the negative effects the morning after. Alcosynth is currently undergoing testing for public consumption, and its long-term effects […]
19 Oct 2016

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Making a Difference

From beer to donating money to charity, the Canada Oktoberfest brought a lot of cheer and fine spirits this past month. Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade for the Onkel Hans Food Drive was a success, generating around $11,500 and about 10,000 pounds of food, displaying the kindness of Waterloo’s citizens.   Starting at King and […]
12 Oct 2016

Five Weird and Wild Beer Ingredients

Patrons no longer walk into a bar and order a bottle of lager. Beer drinkers have evolved into connoisseurs of craft beers and specialty brews. If you’ve ever attended the Edmonton Beerfest, you know that the flavor possibilities are endless. We’ve compiled a list of the weird and wonderful ingredients used to create some of […]
5 Oct 2016

Beer Science Results Prove Beer is Good for Business

Big News About Beer Patrons will enjoy the annual Edmonton International BeerFest a lot more now. The head of Clinical Pharmacology at the University Hospital of Basel, Professor Matthias Liechti, completed scientific studies on the effects of beer. The study relied on 30 men and 30 women who drank the brew and a non-alcoholic brew […]
28 Sep 2016

Pairing Beer With Food

With football season approaching, you all know what that means: lots of parties and get togethers and the guys enjoying an ice cold brewski. In a recent article it discussed how beer can be such a great pairing with different varieties of food. What types of lager taste best with certain types of foods? Well, […]
21 Sep 2016

The Lowdown on the Language of Beer

As the craft beer phenomenon increases in popularity, the terminology gets stranger and more complicated. But, it doesn’t have to be. We want everyone to have a better handle on all the brew-specific words in the intoxicating world of craft beer, so here are a few: 1. Adjunct= Grain that is not malted barley, like […]