15 Apr 2015

Which is Better After A Workout: Beer or Water?

Yesterday we were warned of the health dangers associated with alcohol – not to mention bacon, ham and sausages. Today there is more cheering news from a different set of scientists. They have come up with the perfect excuse for heading to the pub after a game of football or rugby. Their research has shown […]
8 Apr 2015

5 Terms Every Beer Drinker Should Know

As a beer drinker we need to know the language of marketing. When you’re staring at a sixpack or bomber of beer at your local bottle shop, you might encounter some unfamiliar phrases. Here are five essential terms you should know. Bottle Conditioned Bottle conditioned is brewer-speak to describe a beer that is naturally carbonated. Prior […]
1 Apr 2015

What’s Your Perfect Style of Beer?

One of the best things about beer is the awesome variety of styles to choose from. This gorgeous interactive guide from the Brewers Association showcases 77 US beer styles to help you decide what to drink next. We’ve shared a beer style flowchart with you before, but this photo-rich guide is incredibly comprehensive. Turn on […]
25 Mar 2015

Really, Really Hot Beer!!

When I go home to Tennessee, nobody ever asks me if I want a beer. “How ’bout a col’beer?” say the Southerners as they toss a can through the air. (All one word.) The ice cold brew cuts through the summertime humidity nicely. This frigid February in New York City deserves a different kind of […]
18 Mar 2015

Our BeerFest 2015 Gallery is LIVE!!

We had such an amazing time at the show this year , the Biggest and Best year to date! The show was nothing short of spectacular and we are happy to have the pictures to prove it! Take a look at our BeerFest 2015 gallery on our website here: BeerFest 2015 Gallery And on Facebook here: BeerFest 2015 […]
13 Mar 2015

Edmonton’s BeerFest was Bigger and Better for 2015!!

Edmonton BeerFest truly outdid themselves for 2015. This year’s event was nothing short of spectacular and worth every penny. We had an amazing line up of musical performers Lyra Brown Cadence & Nathan Rob Taylor The Moanin’ After Braden Gates Carrie Day Thanks so much to our BeerSchool teachers who gave our Beer Gods a […]
11 Mar 2015

Decide What Style of Beer You Want to Drink with This Flow Chart

There’s so many types of beer out there that it can be tough to decide what you want to imbibe. This handy flow chart is here to help you with that. This flow chart from Mike Newman at Cool Material starts off with one of the most important questions when it comes to beer choice: […]
5 Mar 2015

Edmonton’s International Beerfest celebrates 10th Anniversary

For the 10th year, the Edmonton International Beer Fest is returning, and like previous years, it’s bigger and better than ever. This year, the event plays host to eight live bands, three beer instructors, and an estimated 25,000 attendees, something Sean Farmers, the owner and organizer of the event said seems like a far leap […]
4 Mar 2015

5 Reasons Beer is Good for You!

1. Beer drinkers live longer Moderate drinking is good for you, and beer is good for moderate drinking. Everyone knows that if you drink too much, it’s not good for you. Let’s not pull punches: If you’re a drunk, you run into things, you drive into things, you get esophagealcancer, you get cirrhosis and other […]
25 Feb 2015

Researchers: Beer Makes Men Smarter

Beer makes men smarter. So say researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago. They found that men with a couple beers under their belts were actually better at solving brain-teasers than their sober counterparts. To reach that surprising conclusion, the researchers devised a bar game in which 40 men were given three words and […]