24 Jun 2015

5 Artistic Beer Label Designs

The trend for home breweries and craft beers has led to an explosion of inventive and original beer label designs. Here are some of the best. Wine bottles may get a lot more of the spotlight when it comes to label design, but a recent trend to home breweries and the growing popularity of small […]
17 Jun 2015

3 Tips for Pairing Cheap Beers with Personal Failures

So you let yourself down! That’s OK, it happens to everyone, though probably not to the same degree or with the same consistency as it happens to you. Your compromises are many, your inadequacies abundant. The good news is that failure no longer stings as badly as it once did. For instance, it probably doesn’t […]
10 Jun 2015

5 Amazing Facts About Beer

Beer is perhaps the most famous beverage in the world. It is enjoyed all over the globe, and most people of legal drinking age are familiar with it. However, as popular as beer is, there are many things most people don’t know about it. 5. Beer and Facial Hair Facial hair can make drinking beer […]
3 Jun 2015

Does a Man’s Choice in Beer Reveal his Personality?

People have always said a man’s drink says a lot about his personality — but often, they’re referring to hard liquor. What about beer, the real man’s drink? What can you tell about a man based on his brew? We did some investigating on the subject, and with a little help from this study done […]
27 May 2015

5 Great Beers for the Summer

As the summer heat kicks into full gear, you’re going to need a proper way to cool off. Forget that lime-flavoured “lite beer” swill and let these refreshing beverages be your go-to drinks when the mercury spikes. 1. Phillips Ginger Beer Ginger beers aren’t for everyone. But for the ones who do indulge, this Victoria, […]
20 May 2015

5 Great Brews for Warmer Weather

It seems that warmer weather has finally arrived and that we’ve seen the last of any snowflakes that may drift from the sky–at least for the next five or six months, anyway. The Northampton Brewery deck is open, and other outdoor beer venues will soon follow suit, so I thought I’d use today’s column to […]
15 May 2015

The 7 Different Beer Styles

If you’ve been confusing your pilsners with your IPAs and imperial stouts, you need to consult this thorough chart from Greg Engert. His profiling system separates beer into seven categories — crisp, hop, malt, roast, smoke, fruit and spice, and tart and funky — and is used nationwide to help drinkers understand what’s in their […]
6 May 2015

Is Beer a Great Post – Workout Recovery Drink?

There may be some good news brewing for fitness and beer enthusiasts: Somewhere in the north, a Canadian beverage company has concocted a low-alcohol, protein-packed “fit beer” that is expected to be marketed as a sports drink later this year, if funding allows. The so-called Lean Machine “recovery ale,” created by a team of food […]
29 Apr 2015

10 Amazing Beer Facts you DID NOT Know!

Guinness is a Light Beer There is nothing sexier than a tight, sexy little blonde takin’ a big thick Guinness to the face. It’s hot in the same way as a beautiful lady making a giant sandwich her mouth-bitch. Well, it turns out that Guinness is actually a light beer and helping them stay hot! Guinness […]
22 Apr 2015

10 Great Brewery Names

The first thing you have to do when you start planning your brewery is come up with a name. You can go with something classy, like say, “Classy Ales.” Or you could go a different route altogether and name your brewery “Ass Clown.” Or “Big Beaver.” We found 10 incredible brewery names. An argument could […]