As temperatures become warmer during the summer months, people naturally choose lighter, different flavored food and drinks than in the winter. Heavy, full-bodied stouts, porters and other heavy beers are too overpowering for the heat and sunshine of the hotter months. When you think about switching up your beer for higher temperatures you probably want something light, refreshing, and easy to drink. 
What’s the perfect beer for summer? The Saison! In fact, the word Saison means “season” as this beer was originally brewed as a lunchtime drink for field workers. A Saison’s medium average ABV of between 5.0% and 6.0% is reflected in this, as an intoxicated worker wouldn’t be of much use. This makes them perfect for session drinking on long, hot days. The flavor profile of Saisons also reflects it’s farm focused roots.Saisons are, by definition, a drink that brings the best parts of the warmer season together. Saisons have a dry finish and a high carbonation, which makes them taste uniquely refreshing during a heat wave. Saisons can have a wide range of taste profiles, from licorice to herbal, fruity notes, but the dry finish is the unique aspect that makes this drink perfectly light and crisp.

Saisons pair well with many hot weather foods too. They are delicious with fresh seafood or fish, and the Saisons’ mild, yet aromatic notes go beautifully with spicy ethnic foods. They are also well-suited to lighter fare like salads, yet stand up to even the stinkiest of cheeses.

All in all, Saisons are the best choice for your summer drinking adventures, no matter the time, place, or food.

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