Many people choose to drink single hopped beers in the hopes that they will become better verse in the specific flavors of different hop varieties. It is a way to help identify other beers when you come into contact with them. The unfortunate thing is that these beers can get a little bit boring after awhile. Luckily, many different breweries are picking up on this and introducing new varieties of single hopped beers. 
This is a great way to get out there and taste something that you never have before. Places like BrewDog are serving up these hoppy delights in all different ways, some with bitter orange or lemon, and others with subtler flavors. These beers are refined enough to stand out for the beer geeks, but it is still understandable and tastes great for those who may not be aficionados.Either way, new places like BrewDog are pumping out these creations at a rapid rate, and the beer drinkers of the world are really lapping it up. It is like a new take on an old classic and it can allow people to become better versed in beers more quickly because it is enjoyable and interesting at the same time. The secret is being able to taste all of the components of beers like Chinook, without losing any of the value or complexity. They can all stand on their own without being overpowered by the bitterness that can sometimes come with hoppy beers. Don’t miss these new creations are they may be coming to the International Beer Fest where you could get the chance to test them out for yourself.

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